• Completely erase all the data stored in disks or partitions.
  • Meets DoD 5220.22 specification
  • Ideal for Return of Leased Assets and Computer Disposal

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Current Version : 5.0
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Good News:                          

PC Disk Eraser is released as a freeware now.
Everyone can download PC Disk Eraser (Full version) and use it for free.



Why do you need PCDiskEraser?

Permanently Erase Data
---2 Use PCDiskEraser to avoid huge loss      caused by inappropriate disposal of hard drives.1

Do "Delete" or "Format" really delete the data?
The answer is obvious
: NO!  If so, why there are so many data recovery softwares?
Whether your data is sent to the recycle bin or your entire drive is formatted and repartitioned, the chance of unauthorized discovery is existed. As Windows System does NOT actually delete the file, instead, it marks the file as deleted, which means your private data is still there.

You should consider this problem seriously when you are planning to:
1. Disposal old computers in your company, which might store      important business information.
2.  Sell your old computer or harddisks(they may store lots of your      private data: id card number, passwords, friends' addresses, your      health record, private photos ...)
3.  Change owner of computer within company.
4.  Abandon the old computers in government, hospital, bank which      might store lots of public information.
5.  Reinstall a new system on a partition where is once to be a      concentration camp of virus.

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What can PCDiskEraser do for you?

PCDiskEraser enables you to easily, quickly and permanently erase all data that is personal, confidential and critical on your hard drive – and has the capability to erase to both U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22 and German Military Government standards. It permanently deletes the information by actually overwriting all of the data on your hard drive - never to be recovered - so you can feel confident that sensitive information is completely eliminated. It's fast, flexible, easy to use, and best of all, PCDiskEraser helps you maintain control of your confidential information.

PCDiskEraser doesn’t damage harddisks! They are completely re-usable after having been deleted.

In addition, PCDiskEraser have some exclusive features you should not miss:
1. Offline running (no system cache affect) PCDiskEraser does not rely on Windows system, so that it can steer clear of the caching mechanism and erase the data perfectly. No orignal data will be written back.
2. Erasing mode technology(invented by PCDiskTools, Inc) We have developed a new technology which turns the harddisks into special erasing mode. In this mode, the program will erase the data more perfectly. It is safe without any physical damage to the harddisk.

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Key Features:

  • Offline running (no system cache written back)
  • Specail Erasing mode
    thoroughly erasing.
  • Wiping of hard disks/separate partitions (primary, extended, logical) -- Don't waste your time and wipe exactly what you need
  • Supported Filesystems PCDiskEraser supports all popular filesystems including NTFS, FAT16, FAT32,EXT3,EXT2, Linux swap, Reiser FS and so on.
  • Supported Hardwares PCDiskEraser runs on Linux CD which indicates most of the new Hardwares are supported by PCDiskEraser. Computers with IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB or Firewire(IEEE 1394) Hard Disks as well as a wide range of PCI PCI-EX card are completely supported.
  • Easy to Use PCDiskEraser is designed for simple users. With several simple clicking, you can start to erase your disks or partitions.

Nulla Etiam


PCDiskEraser is ready Select system
Select the account Finish

Areas of Use:

  • disposal of old computer
  • sale of old computer
  • changing owner of computer within company
  • virus elimination
  • private information elimination

Minimum Requirements:

  • PC 586 or higher, 64 MB RAM
  • Keyboard: Standard, PS/2 or USB (HID)
  • Mouse (optional): serial, PS/2 or USB (HID)
  • Bootable CD/DVD drive


See what people said:

Rose from Canada :
Oh, i try to use some undelete tools but nothing can be recovered. Your product is so good.

Ken from U.K :
I appreciate your simple, speedy help and excellent product. Keep up the great work!






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