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PCDiskEraser User-Guide

PCDiskEraser is a software for wiping data. You can use it to remove all your data, including personal data and can not be restored. So you do not have to fear others know your privacy through your hard drive.

We will give out an example on how to use PCDiskEraser.
In this example, we will clean the data of a 80GB hard drive.

  1. Start up
    Insert PCDiskEraser CD, Set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.
    Choose PCDiskEraser tool from the menu.
    The first page presents to user is a list of disk(s) and partition(s).
    PC Disk Eraser start up

  2. Details Introduction 
    As you can see from the screenshot below, there are Logo, Hint, Content, Operation Buttons and Software Version.
  3. 1

    Details of each disk/partition are listed for users to identify the disk/partition he/she wants.

    • Bootable: Described only by partitions. It characterized itself to be a bootable partition, which means Operating Systems like Windows and Linux possibly reside in this partition
    • Type: Type of a hard drive, identifies if a partition is internal or external one. Internal disks are marked as “Fixed”. External disks, such as USB or Firewire disks, are marked as “Removable”.
    • Device: Identifies if it’s a whole disk or only a partition of a disk.
    • Description: Displays device information. Serial number will be displayed if it is a hard disk, else the file system type will replace the content to specified the file system type. Users can distinguish the familiar strings like “FAT32” or “NTFS” from this column.
    • Start:The start sector in the whole disk of each partition. Users can find the physically deployed order of all partitions on each hard drive. Normally, its order corresponds to the drive letter in Windows System.
    • Size:  The capacity of a hard disk or partition.

  4. Choose your source disk
    We can find the 80GB in this list. We choose the 80GB

  5. Start Erasing
    Click “Start” button, a Dialog will ask you to confirm all the selections.

    Click “Yes” to start.

  6. Finish Erasing
    The realtime process will display on progress bar.

    After finish Erasing data, a dialog will pop up displaying the start and end time of the whole wiping process.