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Set Boot Option:

After getting into the BIOS, we should set the First Boot Device to be CD ROM.
Here is various way to set the boot option on lots of computers:

  • choose Boot Sequence
  • arrance 1 to CD-Rom by pressing "-"/"+" and press space to enable it
  • save the settings and exit
Some Dells:
  • set Boot Sequence to A,CDROM,C and Press Esc
  • F10 to save it
  • select Boot DeviceProiority Item and Press <Enter> to select 1stboot Device.
  • Press <down arrow> to sellect ATAPICD-ROM.
  • press <F10> to Save and exit Setup.
IBM notebook/PC:
  • Select Devices and I/O Ports.
  • Select Legacy Diskette A:
  • Change the Legacy Diskette A: setting from Auto to Disable.
  • Select Startup Option.
  • Select Startup Sequence Options.
  • Change First Startup Device under Primary Startup Sequence to CD-ROM.
  • Save and exit the Configuration/Setup utility program.
  • choose the BOOT option
  • choose Boot Device Priority and choose first boot device to CDROM and second boot device to HARD DRIVE
  • press F10 to save settings and exit.
  • choose Advanced Bios Features
  • set First Boot Device to CDROM and Second or third to HDD-0
  • Press F10 to save the settings and exit.

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